All international students are welcome to the educational experience and cultural diversity on campus at Yeditepe University as well as the broader environment found in the fascinating city of Istanbul where the historically ancient mix with the technically modern, the East meets the West, and the differences of culture, music, languages, cuisine, religions and philosophies are bridged through education.

Introductory Info

Educational programs contribute to promoting intercultural awareness in countries around the world by integrating curriculum and activities designed to reinforce the concept of global communication and understanding.

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Summer School Session   Summer School Session is ONLY for already registered Turkish and full-time registered international students who wish to make up particular courses. The "summer term" is not included in the Fall and Spring semesters for general erasmus student exchange.

However, special summer group opportunities are available through certain partner schools -- specifically designed for teaching introductory courses on Turkish language and culture. Ask your home university to get involved and have your school contact our international office. 


Other Programs