Arizona State - Yeditepe Airline Management Course

Apr/19 13:05

Airline Online ATH 313 Tourism / Hospitality Dept. Simulate Airline Management

This course at Yeditepe is running jointly with students at Arizona State University with cooperation from both universities.

In a shared environment the students compete with one another to be the most profitable airline(s) and learn how to run a company in the form of an airline.

Students experience all aspects of managing a company from procurement to labor relations, operations, marketing, sales, finance :  All aspects of a genuine - dynamic - "living" business entity. 

Organized by: Lecturer - Ahmet IZER, Yeditepe Commerce Faculty, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management in conjunction with Dr. Mary NIEMCZYK, Associate Professor at Arizona State University

Having met at the AABI (Aviation Accreditation Board International) meetings on how educators can get the industry sector more involved with students, as well as involving students with more everyday business knowledge and examples, through workshops and discussions they decided that a course running parallel at two universities was a good launching pad - and technology online could make it operate!

The Online Simulate Airline Management course will complete its 2nd semester at the end of spring term 2018.



Thursday, 19 April, 2018 - 13:05