May 18

2018 Bahar Dönemi Erasmus+ yabancı dil sınav sonuçlarını linklerde bulabilirsiniz. 

Sep 06

International students at Yeditepe University enjoy the sightseeing events - a major element in the orientation program for new students > getting around the great city of Istanbul with "tips" and "trips" conducted by our International Office and orchestrated by our YISS CLUB (Yeditepe International Student Society) During the academic year trips are organized to visit particular regions of Turkey that students choose to explore. The changing membership of the YISS CLUB and international students studying at Yeditepe provides a constant dynamic energy every semester!

Feb 01

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Events agenda and tickets for most cultural events are available at Biletix outlets

CKM Caddebostan Culture Centre (Kültür Merkezi)