How to Apply Incoming

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Step 1              NOMINATION    To qualify for Erasmus+ / Exchange study Yeditepe must receive your nomination from your Home Institution. You must be a student at one of our partner institutions to be eligible to participate in an exchange.  

Step 2              CANDIDATE CONFIRMATION   Your Home Institution will be informed by Yeditepe INCOMING office that nominations have been confirmed.

Step 3              APPLICATION    Complete the Application Form and send your complete dossier with all required documents (an Acceptance is required) according to instructions on the form. Please contact your Home Institution coordinator for the most up-to-date application information.

Step 4              PREPARATION   Very important to make OnCampus Housing arrangements once you receive an acceptance. Before traveling verify that you have whatever "original" documents you need for registration after arrival. Plan to attend the Orientation Meeting - then most of the paperwork will be simplified.