Steps to apply to program-outgoing_how to apply

Application to Global Study programs- Erasmus/Exchange requires:

  1. Yeditepe Outgoing Student Application Form
  2. Photocopy of your Yeditepe Transcript of at least 1 semester of study
  3. One ID photo taken recently with your name clearly written on the back

Meet with your department coordinator for assistance in choosing a target partner school:      1) your course selection must be in agreement with your department of study and  2 ) you must be certain that all your credits will be accepted by your department once you return to finish your degree program at Yeditepe. You will need "sufficient total of ECTS credits" to qualify for studying abroad.

HOST UNIVERSITY : The Destination -Target partner school determines whether you will be accepted to study at their school, so check the list of agreement schools and be sure the school offers enough classes in your subject. 

ERASMUS GRANT MONEY (Hibe) - check the INFO BOARD outside the Outgoing office to find the average monthly €  amount (Euro) available for each country.

SUBJECT AREA CODE : use this code (at the end of Outgoing Student Application Form ) to help you in choosing a school with a Learning Agreement in your Department!