All international students are welcome to the educational experience and cultural diversity on campus at Yeditepe University as well as the broader environment found in the fascinating city of Istanbul where the historically ancient mix with the technically modern, the East meets the West, and the differences of culture, music, languages, cuisine, religions and philosophies are bridged through education.

My Time at Yeditepe

"The diversity of students in our classrooms adds international insight to class discussions and activities.”                                     - Prof. Tom Richards, Yeditepe Visiting Professor USA, Faculty of Law

 "Good facilities such as restaurants, bank, shops, ticket office, buses, library. Good and quick help of International Office; quick responses, very clear. Good cooperation with the copy shops for inexpensive books."                                                 Suzanne van Scherpenseel, Hogeschool INHolland - The Netherlands

"I am satisfied with the work of your office, all the employees were helpful and kind even at the beginning when I felt lost and asked stupid questions."    
     - Gabriella Imrei, University of Szeged - Hungary  

 “As a visiting American professor, I am  delighted to teach students from around Turkey, Europe and the world.”                           - Prof. Melodie Arian, Yeditepe Visiting Professor USA, Faculty of Law

 "In retrospect, I consider the ERASMUS semester as worthwhile and personally enriching time in my life. Not only because of Yeditepe University of course. Istanbul took me literally by the hand and gave me a complete new point of view on society and my interaction with life. I would strongly advise everybody to take this intercultural challenge. I enjoyed campus life at Yeditepe. I was always heartily welcomed and helpfully advised. Thank you for this experience."
    - Jan Peteler,  Management Center Innsbruck-Austria

  “The presence of such a robust international student population greatly benefits the entire university community and encourages educational, cultural and social ties at Yeditepe.”                                                                                                             - Prof. Colten Hall, Yeditepe Visiting Professor USA, Faculty of Law

"I really had a great time at Yeditepe University. The campus is very nice and the teachers are very good. Their teaching, language and knowledge are high. Yeditepe University offers a lot of social activities and sports which is very nice too. I really enjoyed it to sit on the campus in the sun and drink a çay." 
  - Philipp Bloß, Universität Mainz - Germany
"I would lıke to say that in general I had a great time and that I think Yeditepe does a lot for the internatıonal students and contributes to a nice time at İstanbul for any exchange student from Yedıtepe. I would certainly want to stay longer at this university: Int.office Yeditepe - the processing of information and degree in which people were/are helpful is very good, efficient and high; the chance for students staying at dorm the first week, but being offered the opportunity to find a place outside is very possitve;  the information being provided about what has to be done, what is expected and what is possible is very good and complete; teachers were very good about the subject matter; and very good Turkisch classes." 
    - Jonathan  van Nieuwaal, University of Leiden - The Netherlands
 "I have to say that I have great experience with International office and all the professors I met at my department. I was studying here only for three months, but everyone understood me, when I explained that I want to be focused only on the field research. Also I got help from professors every time when I needed one.

"I did enjoy staying in Istanbul and studying in Yeditepe. The international office was always helpful and so were teachers and other students."    - Tony Stenlund, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - Finland

"I was pleased with the orientation; it was very informative and made me feel very welcome. The orientation gave a lot of information about Istanbul and how to get around the city and I enjoyed all of the free items we received such as maps, guidebooks, and more. I also was glad that YISS was an available club for incoming students; I had a lot of fun at all of the events and trips that they planned. I definitely made a lot of friends through YISS and I’m glad I took advantage of the opportunities they presented.

"This experience was really great for me. It’s nice to learn so much new people from different countries and share your experiences. My English is definitely improved during this semester. It’s also good to get involved in another culture with different values. The Turkish culture is very different from the Dutch culture. The best experience for me was the Cappadocia tour. We had a lot of fun there for a really good price!" 
    - Jacco Oskam, Hogeschool Utrecht - The Netherlands

"In my opinion Yeditepe University has very well organized International Office. Mrs Zumrut never lef me without information or answer when I was asking about something. I'd love to say also that she is so kind and friendly person.
Whole University is very huge ( I mean CAMPUS) and I really admire the views. There are the dogs in the school area:) I liked that. The teachers and Coordinators are very friendly and ready to help you in any kind of problem. I was in the few trips for Erasmus student and it was exciting. Student's society was organizing also many occasional parties. They were really valuable. I could see even real turkish dance or join to Christmas Party. I guess you will be very happy studying in the Yeditepe : ) "  
    - Marta Nowak, WSNHID The School of Humanities and Journalism - Poland