All international students are welcome to the educational experience and cultural diversity on campus at Yeditepe University as well as the broader environment found in the fascinating city of Istanbul where the historically ancient mix with the technically modern, the East meets the West, and the differences of culture, music, languages, cuisine, religions and philosophies are bridged through education.

Graduate Programs - International Admissions

International Applicants  

Please read the webpage of the Graduate Studies Institute of your area of study, then contact the Office of Student Affairs and Graduate School.

Graduate School of Science & Engineering      9 Master Programs    8  Doctorate Programs

Location:  Engineering Building,  Floor – 1   Room: A-302   Tel : 0216 578 0491



Graduate School   of  Educational Sciences     4 Master Programs   1 Doctorate Program

Location:  Fine Arts Building      Floor – 5   Room: 507     Tel: 0216 578 3214



Graduate School   of   Health Sciences       23  Master Programs   11 Doctorate Programs

Location: Engineering Building Floor - 3 Room: B-708 Tel: 0216 578 0544



Graduate School  of  Social Sciences 25  Master Programs    8  Doctorate Programs

Location: English Preparatory School (North) Building  Floor – 7   Tel: 0216 578 1757 or 1758


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