What's Happening in Istanbul ?

Feb/01 10:30

"There is always something happening somewhere in Istanbul "  You only have to discover when and where !

"Sunset on the Marmara Sea" - acrylic

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 10:30

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Events agenda and tickets for most cultural events are available at Biletix outlets  www.biletix.com

CKM Caddebostan Culture Centre (Kültür Merkezi)  http://kultursanat.kadikoy.bel.tr

IKSV - Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art  ww.iksv.org

Istanbul Modern  Karaköy  www.istanbulmodern.org

İŞ Sanat Cultural Events  www.issanat.com.tr

Lütfi Kırdar Kongre ve Sergi Salonu- Convention Centre  www.icec.org

Ministry of Culture and Tourism  www.kultur.gov.tr 

Open-Air Theatre or Açık Hava Tiyatrosu Maçka  http://sehirtiyatrolari.ibb.gov.tr/sahneler/harbiye-cemil-topuzlu-acikha...

Parkorman “Open Air”  Büyükdere Cad Maslak  www.parkorman.com.tr

Pera Museum Meşrutiyet Cad 65  Tepebaşi  www.pm.org.tr

State Opera and Ballet  www.dobgm.gov.tr

Süreyya Operet / Theatre Building in Kadiköy  www.sureyyaoperasi.org

Time Out Istanbul: Guide to Life  https://www.timeout.com/istanbul

theatre-music-concert venues  www.istanbulcityguide.com     www.istanbul.angloinfo.com  

Istanbul attractions      www.lonelyplanet.com/         www.tripadvisor.co    

www.mymerhaba.com   an expatriate forum         

www.theguideistanbul.com  The Guide Istanbul