Academic Unit Coordinators

List Of Erasmus/Exchange Programmes Coordinators

Each faculty and/or department of study has a designated Department Coordinator who assists the Erasmus+ / Exchange students on all academic issues. Department coordinators are members of our teaching staff and may change during an academic year because of their teaching schedules, but students will always find an academic advisor/coordinator assigned to this position during their study term.

Department Coordinator Tasks relate to the following :

  • establish and maintain contact with current and potential future partner institutions to discuss compatibility for student/faculty/staff exchanges
  • provide review, approval and signatures for Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIAs)
  • provide advice and guidance to outbound students regarding options within the department for student mobility and selection of courses
  • act as a contact point for outbound student on matters regarding department and academic issues
  • ensure the smooth functioning relationship with partner schools related to changes and/or revisions on the renewal of agreements