2022-2023 Erasmus Traineeship Mobility Grant Results


Click for 2022-2023 Erasmus Internship Mobility grant results.


  1. Due to the limited grant and in order to grant more students, a maximum of 60 days grant was allocated to students.
  2. Students can receive a 60-day grant and continue their mobilities without a grant for the remaining time.
  3. Click for grant distribution criteria.


Students in GRANTED (ASİL) status


  • These students can be allocated grant for 2 monhts. 
  • Students need to indicate their withdrawal request until 1st July through the form below. 

Please click for the form.

  • Students who send their withdrawal requests without an excuse after 1 July 2022 will receive a -10 application in their next application.


The following documents must be completed and uploaded to KION at least one month before their mobilities.

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships: their signature must be completed.
  • Health, Personal Liability and Accident Insurance
  • Yapı Kredi bank Euro passbook
  • OLS - Online Language Exam (A link will be sent to your e-mail addresses before the mobility. You do not need to upload the result to the KION System.)




  • They can participate in the activity without a grant.
  • Grants can be allocated to the substitute students if the students who have been granted give up and/or if the students who do not fulfill the necessary conditions until the deadline lose their right to join the mobility.
  • The remaining grant is distributed first on a unit basis and then on a university basis, according to the Erasmus grade.
  • Grants to substitute students can only be allocated after the period given to preconditional substitutes and students who will change their internship place due to force majeure - after 1 July 2022.




  • Only after completing the deficiencies stated in the acceptance letter, they are entitled to participate in the mobility.
  • The students are given 6 weeks from the announcement date to complete the acceptance letters. Students who do not complete their deficiencies until 1 July 2022 lose their right to proceed.




  • They are given 6 weeks from the announcement date to submit new acceptance letters. Students who do not submit a new acceptance letter until 1 July 2022 lose their right to proceed.
  • The new internship place cannot be from the higher group country in granting.

REJECTED students  


  • They were not entitled to participate in the mobility for the reasons stated in the list.