Erasmus Outgoing Staff

Teaching mobility: It is the field of mobility that allows a staff who is obliged to give lectures to teach students in a partner higher education institution with an ECHE in one of the program countries and to carry out academic/educational activities in partnership with the other institution regarding teaching.

It is obligatory that the activity lasts at least 2 consecutive days and that 8 lesson hours are taught.

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Training Mobility: It is the field of activity that allows academic or administrative staff to receive training in one of the program countries. Within the scope of this activity, it is possible for the person to receive various trainings (such as on-the-job trainings, observation processes) in order to improve the skills they have in their current job.

The host institution does not have to be a partner or a higher education institution. 

The mobility must take place on a full-time basis for at least 2 consecutive days.

  • Application conditions and grants are specified in the application call.

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