General Information

Full Name: Yeditepe Üniversitesi 

Erasmus Code: TR ISTANBU21

OID number: E10197112

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The Erasmus Policy Statement 

Yeditepe believes that sharing experiences is the best way to promote Erasmus mobility. As the Erasmus Office, we are planning to organize seminars for the potential outgoing students to inform them about the outcomes of Erasmus mobility. The guest speakers would consist of former Erasmus students so that they can share their mobility experiences, both for study and internship. The idea is to organize different events for different countries, providing life experiences for each country.
Another way to promote Erasmus activities is by using the office's social media accounts to share the memories of former Erasmus students. Recently social media accounts are the easiest and fastest way to contact students. That's why our institute developed a new marketing strategy to include social media more often. We hold interviews with our incoming students about their experience in Turkey and Yeditepe. Sharing these interviews on social media accounts and keeping these accounts interactive by replying to comments and messages is a recent approach to promote Erasmus activities.
We organize seminars with the faculty coordinators, explaining to them how the Erasmus mobility works, both for studies and internship. We appraise the coordinators about the full-recognition so they would inform and lead the students correctly. Students are highly likely to keep the advice of their coordinators and attend mobility.
Our Dean of Students Office also organizes orientations for the freshmen, explaining about the Erasmus activities and advising them about how to plan their academic years to include at least one semester of Erasmus mobility. Staff members are highly motivated to attend mobility by our office as we often gather meetings about the positive outcomes of Erasmus mobility. We promote Erasmus activities among our staff members by notifying them about the funds, research cooperation possibilities, and the positive impacts of international work experience.

In order to provide the high quality in mobilities and to be sure all the students are well prepared for the exchange programmes, Yeditepe gives importance to follow the principles of the Charter. Aiming to follow the principles of the Charter, it is our duty to be sure all our staff members comply with the principles in the most correct way.
As transparency is an important fact for the Erasmus programme, students and staff will easily access the Erasmus+ Charter. English and Turkish version of the Charter will be uploaded to the University’s home and International Office page.
Yeditepe will be sure that our staff members comply with the principles of ECHE in terms of our development in the field of internationalization. In order to follow the principles of the Charter, University will be in contact with the related departments such as; Consultation and Coordination Centre for Students with Disabilities to fully support the students with special needs, Directorate of Student Affairs for the full recognition process’, Dean of the Students for psychological counselling, Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations to increase students' professional, social and intercultural skills and employability and other departments/offices if necessary. University will encourage the academic and administrative members to use The ECHE Self-Assessment Tool whenever a new activity about the programme is introduced in order to determine how the staff members are implementing the principles of the ECHE.
It will be used as a reference to detect goals and evaluate the institution’s progress which will also be a key factor in developing a better institutional strategy.


"Yeditepe University, with the vision of becoming a world class university, has set itself the goal of becoming a university compatible with international quality systems within the scope of its internationalization strategy. In this context, Yeditepe University has shown the motivation to become a multicultural university by offering all undergraduate programs in English, both by providing an international vision to its local students and by increasing their participation by offering a wide range of international students. Within this approach, Yeditepe University has been a part of Erasmus Program approximately two decades and is committed to pursuing the existing operations and following the fundamental principles of the program. In order to establish stronger channels of communication to increase cooperation with EU Chartered Partners, Yeditepe University’s digital visibility has been enhanced in recent years which is a major facility/tool for sustainability. In this context, maintaining digital visibility is one of Yeditepe's main objectives. The evaluation of increased awareness and multidimensional understanding enriches the dialogue and exchange between partners and develops new relationships with institutions. The focus of the strategy is not on specific geographical areas of exchange, but rather a wider scope with an emphasis on appropriate collaborators and mutual coordination of viable programs. The aim for a harmonious balance of countries, institutions, areas of study, and other scholarly pursuits is the objective as a greater number of programs will be possible with the overall result of growth and more participation. Yeditepe participates in many EU and Non-EU education fairs, conferences, workshops and seminars. Similar educational activities are organized within campus facilities and offered to partners and to potential collaborators. Global interaction and networking provide feedback to improve and develop existing cooperation. Yeditepe aims to reinforce the quality of student and staff mobility, as well as cooperation projects by participating in the Erasmus Programme as a part of its strategy for modernisation and internationalisation. In that regard, Yeditepe University has been carrying on the studies of Bologna Coordination Commission in the framework of national and international competence. Thus Yeditepe is encouraging both staff and students to participate and be recognized for their gains through mobilities. Goals for student study and training mobility is helping students to increase their professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. Mobility activities for students are highly supported by Yeditepe since learning mobility is one of the main means of internationalization and provides the country with more qualified graduates and it provides Yeditepe students to maintain knowledge, skills, competences and experiences, including personal and social competences and cultural awareness which is an important step for active participation in society and the labour market.
Goals for mobility activities for staff include the engagement in international projects; the reinforcement of high quality standards in education and the educational environment by sharing methods of practical and theoretical training; continuing development of national and regional networking with the intent to expand the knowledge and improve operational mechanisms. More second and third cycle projects are targeted for specific faculties like health and medicine, engineering, dentistry, pharmacy and commerce in order to enhance research and publications; visibility and coordinated rights of property are highlighted for mutual benefit. The same strategy applies towards all regions and countries".