Q1. How can I apply for Erasmus Studies at Yeditepe University?

      A. Please click here to see the “How to Apply” page.

Q2. How can I apply for Erasmus internship?

      A. Please contact the related department coordinator and ask for advice on possible internship places. (Click here to see the Coordinators page.) After creating the schedule, department coordinator helps you to complete the Learning Agreement for Traineeship. Please send a copy of this document to

Q3. My home university does not have an agreement with Yeditepe, what should I do?

      A. You should contact your home university and ask them to contact us by email at to sign/extend an agreement or you may choose to study here as a Free Mover. For Free Mover information, click here.

Q4. Does your university have ESN Club / How can I reach them?

      A. Yes, our ESN Club is a very active member of ESN in Europe. Email: 

Q5. When will I receive my student ID card?

      A. Generally within in 2 weeks after your arrival. International office will collect photos from all new incoming students on arrival and inform you by email when your cards are ready for you to pick up.

Q6. I did not receive any emails from you, is this a problem?

      A. Please send an email to explaining the situation so we can check.

Q7. Do I need to attend the Incoming Orientation meeting that takes place at the start of the semester ?

       A. Plan to attend the Orientation because important information will be given on how to do Registration for courses and the application for Residence Permit. All “Certificate of Attendance” forms will be collected at this time. Also you will be able to meet the other new students on mobility and enjoy FREE coffee or tea!

Q8. How do I apply for Internship?

    A. Click here to view "How to Apply for Internship" page. 

Q9. What is the Institutional Code of Yeditepe U?


Academic/Course Related

Q1. When does the Fall / Spring Semester start?
      A. Exact dates change every academic year however generally:

           Fall Term: September to December - Final exams: end December to early January

           Spring Term: February to May - Final exams: end May to early June. Click here to view the Academic Calendar

Q2.Where can I find the course list? Which courses will be offered in the Fall/Spring Semester?
      A. Please click here to view the course list. However not all lsted courses will be offered every semester.
     you will need to contact the related department coordinator to make sure which courses will be offered. Click here to see the Coordinators page.
Q3. Where can I find the Learning Agreement Form?
      A. Please click here to view the forms page.
Q4. Who signs the Learning Agreement?
      A. Department coordinators sign the Learning Agreement. Click here to see the Coordinators page.
Q5. Can I exceed/not complete 30 ECTS?
      A. Please contact your home university for the required ECTS information.
Q6. Can I take courses from another department?
      A. Yes, you may take 40% of your courses from other departments. Example: for 30 ECTS if you take 5 courses  (each at 6 ECTS) minimum of 3 courses must be within the department of agreement.
Q7. What is a "Language Certificate"? 

     A. It is a document that proves your level of English is at least B2 level. This document may be your transcript, OLS exam results or another exam results (i.e. TOEFL results) 

         Please note that your exempt from providing that document if you are not nominated to a department that teaches in English. 


Q1. Do you provide On-Campus accommodation?
       A. Yes, click here for the housing page.
Q2. Do you provide Off-Campus accommodation?
       A. No. Please contact ESN Club for advice.
Q3. How much does it cost to stay on campus?
       A. Click here to see the housing page for current Fees.
Q4. How can I make the payment?
       A. Payment will be done after your arrival when you are moving in.
Q5. Does the accommodation fee include food, sports facilities, etc?
       A. No, click here for the "cost of living" page.
Q6. Can I stay in a single room?
       A. Yes, but this is not encouraged because you will pay for the room for the full price of double occupancy - double the single price.
Q7. Can I stay in a triple room?
       A. Only double rooms are available for all international students.
Q8. Who will be my roommate?
       A. All international students are assigned to double rooms with another international student, as the duration of stay is limited to 1 or 2 terms only. Depending on the availability of rooms at the time you may possibly request to change your room, but only after you arrive.
Q9. Does the dormitory have curfew hours?
       A. Yes, click here to read the Dormitory Regulations.
Q10. When can I move in/move out of the dormitory?
        A. You can move in 2 days before the semester starts and move out in the next 2 days after the semester ends.
 Q11. At what time should I arrive to move into the dormitory?
         A. Someone is always on duty to welcome you and show you to the rooms, however, you may need to stay in a temporary room if you arrive earlier or later than the work hours (9:00-18:00)
Q12. Can I stay only for one week/month?
        A. No, the Residence Halls accept students per semester and require payment for one semester.

Visa/Residence Permit/Insurance

Q1. Do I need a visa to enter Turkey?
       A. Exchange students are advised to acquaint themselves with the necessary formalities in connection with their entry to and residence in Turkey. Students can find travel information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Procedures of Republic of Turkey.
Please contact your nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate to find out the latest information. Please visit the link for the contact data of the relevant foreign representation;
Q2. Do I need a passport?
       A. Yes. To apply for the Residence Permit it is mandatory to have your passport with you. The Immigration Office will not issue a Residence Permit to anyone without a passport and they will charge you a high fee on your departure from the country
Q3. I have Turkish Citizenship / Bluecard, do I have to apply for the Residence Permit?
       A. No.
Q4. When should I apply for a Residence Permit?
       A. After your arrival you will bring the required documents to the International Office and we will deliver your documents to the Immigration Office.
Q5. What are the required documents for Residence Permit?
       A. Please click here to see the Insurance/Residence Permit information page.
Q6. What kind of Insurance should I buy?
       A. According to the law by the Turkish Government all international students in Turkey are either required to purchase a health insurance from Turkey that is valid for the duration of their studies/stay or prove that their health insurance policy coverage is sufficient for residence permit procedure. Your insurance policy must be in Turkish.
Q7. I have an insurance document type T/A 11, is it valid?
       A. Yes, you should visit SGK- Social Security Institution (after your arrival as soon as possbile) and validate the document. Click here to the webpage of SGK. 
Q8. What is the deadline to deliver my residence permit documents to the International Office?
       A. You will have 30 days after your arrival in Turkey to submit your application for Residence Permit. The International Office will announce by email the last date that documents will be accepted.
Q9. Can I do the online application myself?
       A. Yes, however you may ask for help from ESN: esnyeditepe@esnturkey.rog