Step 1: Student informs Yeditepe international Office if they decide on studying at Yeditepe as a Free Mover  

Step 2 : Yeditepe IO gives a notice to the Finance Department for the student to make the payment.

Step 3: Student makes the payment

Step 4: Student gets registered through the Students Affairs office to be a Free Mover Student in Yeditepe. 

Step 5: Student provides the required documents.

Free Mover Fees:

Bachelor Per Course (upto 3 courses) 1500 Euro
Bachelor 1 semester (4 or more courses) 6000 Euro
Master Per Course (Graduate School of Social Science, Educational Sciences, and Natural Applied Sciences) 850 Euros
Master Per Course (Graduate School of Health Sciences) 1300 Euro

Required Documents:

  1. Approval letter from the home instiitute. 
  2. Language proof (Min B2 Level)
  3. Passport photocopy
  4. 5 colour passport size photos  (Bring with you) .---Please write your name at the back of each photo