Sample draft agreements can be downloaded - reviewed - modified - discussed - with the department of the prospective partner school

NON Erasmus Agreements (to be updated) -  the list of NON Erasmus partner institutes is continuously being modified to reflect the schools that have ongoing dialogue and/or currently signed agreements;  various types of projects and agreements have been established; growth and development enhances the educational environment; details for each NON Erasmus agreement can be for specific faculties/departments or university comprehensive: all levels or only graduate studies.

MOU - Memorandum Of Understanding  


Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

Strategically our Global Study Program seeks to strengthen cooperation with many universities. The MOU officially recognizes the intention to design educational projects mutually beneficial to all parties; as these programs can be multifaceted and may require time and discussion to achieve success, the signed MOU allows for easy access to set up discussion groups, design campus visits and seminars, and mold innovative projects with the acknowledgement that each institution recognizes the quality and contributions of the partners.

SEA - Student Exchange Agreement

Student Exchange Agreement - (SEA)

Established specifically for each institution and contains details relating to the nature of the academics and characteristics of the partner campuses; it may also be designed to include all or designated faculties / departments in the exchange and holds articles on: student eligibility, enrollment requirements, recruitment of students, nature of items exchanged (fees, housing, meals, etc.), balance of the enrollments over time, and any specifics deemed important to achieve a successful exchange.