The Global Study Program is designed to broaden the scope of educational opportunities at Yeditepe. The potential benefits and shared advantages of international dialogue, participation and contribution in mutually established global study programs are multi-layered and reach all levels of the university community both at home and abroad. Our commitment to globalization includes student mobility, faculty mobility, and development and growth in our cooperation with international institutions.

Yeditepe students have the opportunity to experience 1 or 2 semesters at a partner institution. A "partner school" can either be within the framework of Erasmus + (European Countries) or with a school that has signed an agreement of cooperation or Student Exchange Agreement - SEA (Non European Countries) with us. Erasmus+ allow student to spend a training period between 2 months to 12 months in program countries within traineeship mobility.

Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility enables university’s academic staff to spend teaching periods at the partner universities. Teaching periods can have duration of 2 days - 2 months, on condition of minimum 8 lecture hours per week.  Administrative staff can also participate to job shadowing, workshops or etc. within the scope of Erasmus+ Training mobility lasting 2 days-2 months.

Erasmus Programme Erasmus Study and Traineeship Mobility Selection Criteria (2021-2027 Project Year)

What is Erasmus+ Internship Mobility?

What is Erasmus+ Internship Mobility?

  • Erasmus+ Internship Mobility is a program within the framework of the Erasmus Program in which a student can work (full time) for a business or organization in a Program Country, receiving professional training and / or work experience in their area of study. It aims to develop the students’ work experience. 

Where can you do your internship?

  • Any public or private organization active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth. A non-profit organization, association, NGO; or a body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services; o a Programme Country HEI awarded with an ECHE.
  • Students are not allowed to do their traineeship in any diplomatic missions, European Union Institutions and organizations which are carrying out the European Union programs.
  • The traineeship content must be related to the students’ field of study. 
  • e.g.:  If you are an English Language and Literature student, you cannot do your internship in a company related to International Relations. 
  • Students can do their compulsory internship within Erasmus+ Internship Mobility (this requires the approval of your Erasmus+ Academic Coordinator).

Who can participate?

  • Turkish Republic citizens or citizens of other countries, 
  • Full-time students who are enrolled in Yeditepe University at any of the education levels (Associate, Bachelor, MSc or PHD)
  • Students who have failed course, disciplinary penalty or extended their study year can still apply for Erasmus+ Internship Mobility. 
  • In order to participate the Erasmus + Internship Mobility, it is not required to have an inter-institutional agreement between any organization or higher education institution.
  • P.S: Students who are studying in the preparatory school or grad students cannot apply. 
  • Grad students must apply before they graduate. 
  • Double major students can apply for the internship mobility from only one major in the same application period. 

What is the duration of Erasmus+ Placement/Traineeship Mobility?

  • Including the period of previously participation to any of Erasmus+ Mobilities with or without grant, each student can benefit minimum 2 months (60 days), maximum 12 months (360 days) at each education level. (Associate, Bachelor, MSc or Doctoral)   
  • Grad students must complete their internship within 12 months after their graduation date. e.g.: If a student has graduated on 16th of June, 2020, the student must have complete her/his internship mobility by 16th of June, 2021. 
  • If the students have participated previously to any Erasmus+ Mobility (Study or Traineeship) in the same level of education, 10 points reduction will be applied to Erasmus+ Score. 

Evaluation Process

  • In order to participate the Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility, you must meet the following conditions.
  • Min. 2.20 GPA for Associate / Undergraduate students
  • Min. 2.50 for MSc or Doctoral students 
  • 60 points out of 100 from Erasmus+ Language Proficiency.  
  • Students who meet the above requirements are ranked according to the Erasmus+ Score from higher to lower mark.
  • Erasmus+ Score is being calculated by taking 50% of the students’ recent GPA (General Academic Grade Average) and 50% of the Erasmus+ Language Proficiency Score.

All placed students will be ranked from highest to lowest Erasmus score for grant allocation. 

When calculating Erasmus Score, the following points will be taken into consideration;

How to find a Traineeship Place? 

  • Prepare a CV (Europass CV format is recommended). 
  • Prepare a Motivation Letter
    (a short piece of writing all about you; your past, your ambitions, your personality, and your interests.) 
  • Find a place to do your Erasmus+ Internship (which must be related to your field of study).

 (you can check the website for useful link to find internship places.)  (Click for the TR) 

  • Send your CV and Motivational Letters to the companies specifying that you would like do your internship within the scope of Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility. 
  • Get an Acceptance Letter from the company that you have been accepted.  

What is Acceptance Letter?

 It is a document shows that you are accepted by the institution you wish to do Erasmus+ Internship. 

The Acceptance Letter must be consist of the following information;

  • Name-Surname,
  • Your field of study in Yeditepe University,
  • For how long you are invited (the exact dates must be written), (Erasmus+ Traineeship cannot be less than 60 days)
  • Must indicate that you are accepted within the scope of Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Placement/Traineeship Mobility
  • The acceptance letter must be printed on company headed paper and it must be signed and stamped by company executive. 

(The name of the company executive must be written.)

From the content of your Acceptance Letter, we should understand that your traineeship;

  • will be related to your field of study,
  • must contain a professional practice,
  • must provide you a professional experience.

For internship applications students do not have to find an internship place prior to the application. In other words, students can apply without arranging a place for themselves in advance but it is highly recommended to start for searching an internship place at the same time since it may take a long time to find and arrange an intership place.