What is Erasmus+  Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility? 

Teaching mobility is an activity that allows academic staff who has already teaching at the home institution to teach in a partner university.

Minimum Requirements for Application

  • The applicant has to be a full time/part time academic staff of the Yeditepe University.
  • Contracted academic staff can apply for the mobility. 
  • Academics who are permanent staff of another institution can apply for mobility in case of teaching at Yeditepe University actively.  
  • To be able to participate in this mobility program, applicant’s Department/School/Faculty/Institute must have a valid agreement with the partner institution the participant intend to visit. Mobility activities cannot be carried out after the end date of the agreement signed with Erasmus Office. 

Mobility Duration

  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching can be realized as minimum 2 consecutive days, maximum 8 weeks. 
  • Teaching mobility has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours teaching activity per week. 
  • For teaching activities that will last more than one week (5 working days), the minimum teaching hour must be calculated in proportion to the minimum requirement (e.g., 16 hours/10 working days, 24 hours/15 working days.
  • Academic staff teaching mobility is an activity calculated on the basis of the teaching day and the grant payment is made for the teaching day. For this reason, it is mandatory that the course program of the Staff Mobility For Teaching - Mobility Agreement is specified as days.
  • If the teaching activity/teaching hours last less than the minimum requirements, the activity is considered as void by the funding body and the grant payment will not be made for the related activity.
  • In case of departing from partner country before meeting the minimum mobility duration criteria due to force majeure (mücbir sebep), applicant will be granted for will be granted only for valid days of mobility.
  • Conference participation cannot be supported within the scope of the Erasmus+ mobility.
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility has to be completed before 25th of May 2020
  • Regardless of the duration of the mobility all participants will be granted for maximum 3 teaching days +2 travel days. 
    • P.S.: If the teaching days are 3 days and more,  the participant will be granted for maximum 3 teaching days + 2 travel days. If the teaching days are 2 days, the participant will be granted for 2 teaching days + 2 travel days.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Evaluation Criteria  

In case of equality of points, first-time personnel benefiting from mobility are prioritized.

Note: Selection criteria have been prepared according to the provisions of 2018 Erasmus+ Handbook.

Daily and Travel Grant

The amount of support provided per day and per country is determined by the National Agency. The daily grant to be allocated to the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching program participants is shown below:
All participants will be granted for maximum 3 teaching days +2 travel days. 


Grants are paid to staff members in two instalments.

80% of the total grant (daily grant & travel grant) is paid before departure after the submission of before mobility documents to Erasmus+ Office. Payments are made in Euros and to the bank account which is stated in the grant agreement. 

The remaining 20% is paid after the staff member submits all required after mobility documents, depending on the mobility duration as verified by the Certificate of Attendance (if the participant does not complete the required after mobility documents in line with the terms of the agreement, 20% of the grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted).

If the participant does not complete the min. duration of mobility (2 days) and return home country without any force majeure reason, the mobility activity will be considered void and the participant will be asked to return the initial grant (80%).

If there is a force majeure situation, the participant has to inform Erasmus+ Office before returning to the home country and wait for Erasmus+ Office’s confirmation. In such cases, the participant is only paid for the actual duration of stay and may be asked to return a part of the initial grant. 

If the participant does not complete the online final report after mobility 5% of the grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted. 

It is also possible to participate in the mobility without any grant in the cases when the total mobility fund is not enough. Still, the staff must provide the minimum criteria.

The amount of travel expenses corresponding to the estimated travel distance specified by “Distance Calculator” shown on the table below will be paid to the staff as travel cost.

The distance calculator is accessible from the following link:


It is participant’s own responsibility to arrange their own accommodation, visa application and travel insurance (if necessary).

Erasmus+ Disability Grant 

Additional grants are available for participants with disabilities, where participation would not be possible without extra financial support.The allowance is offered when disabilities or health conditions lead to additional mobility costs, which exceed the maximum grant allocations allowed, and which cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers approved actual costs.

How to apply for Erasmus+ Disability Grant?

Applications for the Erasmus Disability Grant must be submitted to Erasmus+ Office prior to the start of the mobility.  Participant’s application must include a statement from a doctor or other authority confirming the disability or health condition, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs to be met. A detailed estimate of costs is required.

The application should provide information on any other sources of financial support that the participant receives and why this is insufficient to cover extra costs.

If you have any questions please send an email to intoffice@yeditepe.edu.tr  

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Application Documents 

  1. Application Form
  2. Confirmation letter stating academic staff can participate Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility signed by the Head of the Department
  3. Signed and stamped “Invitation Letter” from host institution
  4.  Erasmus+ Teaching Agreement (with weekly teaching schedule given by host university)
  5. Copy of the Bilateral Agreement
  6. Additional documents related to special needs and conditions.