Dear Students, 

Please CLICK for the placement results of 2020-2021 Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program. 

Please read all information until the end. 

All students are responsible for following the procedure announced below.


About Placements

The placements have been completed based upon the students’ Erasmus Score, preference order and announced Erasmus and partner institution criteria. 

We would kindly like to remind you that listed students are only candidate students to our partner universities and the final decision will be made by the partner university. After your application is accepted by partner university, you will be able to participate in the Erasmus+ study mobility.


About Grants 

Attached list is only a list indicating that students are placed for the Erasmus+ Exchange Program. It does NOT mean that you are awarded to receive Erasmus grant. As it was mentioned before to all our students, grant allocation is not guaranteed to all students. The students who will be awarded with the Erasmus grant will be announced later on when Turkish National Agency announces the grant which will be allocated to Yeditepe University. 


About Nomination

Nomination means officially informing partner university about candidate Erasmus student. Nomination to partner university is first step of the next procedures so students must wait for nomination e-mail which we will send the partner university. Students can only apply the partner universities, only after they are nominated by us. 

Students who do not want to participate the mobility program have to inform the Erasmus+ Office until March 10th, 2020, 18:00 via e-mail to  in order not being nominated to the partner. 

Important: Since Fall Semester students’ nomination and application deadline is generally close, Fall semester students have to check the partner university’s website for application deadlines and procedures immediately to be prepared.  

Important: In case the institutions request for an additional language exam certification (for example: IELTS, TOEFLT etc.) students must obtain a valid certificate before the application deadline of the partner institution. Please check partner institution’s web site for deadlines and other important information as it stated above. 

Important: Placed Master and PHD degree students have to check the regulations they are liable to and consult to their institutes about their participation in the study mobility program. 


About Substitute Students

The substitute students can only be placed if the placed student/s cancel/s their mobility and if partner university’s nomination deadline is not over. In this case, you will be informed with a separate e-mail.

All students are responsible for following the application procedures of the partner universities. In case there is an information e-mail by the partner university sent to our office, this e-mail will be forwarded to the student. 


About Next Steps

Orientation meetings will be organized for all candidate students by the Erasmus+ Office. There will be separate orientations for Fall and Spring semester students and firstly Fall Semester Orientation will be organized. Date-time-place information for Fall semester students’ orientation will be announced in the upcoming days. All necessary information about exchange procedures about your exchange period will be shared in the orientation meeting. 

Attendance to orientation program is COMPULSORY for all candidate students. If you do not attend orientation programs, you will miss a lot of important information and have difficulties during your mobility. 


Good luck!

Erasmus+ Office