• Applications will be done through the online system between January 25, 2021 – February 12th, 2021 16:00.
  • Deadline for submitting an Acceptance Letter and Learning Agreement for Traineeship documents is March 21, 2021.  Only the applicants whose application is valid and language exam score is minimum 60 or above, must submit an acceptance letter and training agreement. Students who cannot provide acceptance and agreement until the given deadline, will not be able to participate in the program.
  • Internship period is June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022 (students who do not need a visa for their internship can start their internship mobility in May).
  • In order to be able to apply, please read carefully all the information on this guideline.
  • After submitting the online application, there cannot be any change. Please do not forget to check all the application fields before submitting your application. 
  • In case of technical problems/errors please take a screenshot and send it with an explanation to 


What is Erasmus+ Internship Mobility?

  • Erasmus+ Internship Mobility is a program within the framework of the Erasmus Program in which a student can work (full time) for a business or organization in a Program Country, receiving professional training and / or work experience in their area of study. It aims to develop the students’ work experience. 
  • It is students own responsibility to find their internship places. 

 For detailed information about the  Erasmus Internship/Traineeship Mobility please visit the link below;


 Watch out Information Seminars from the links below,

For Turkish seminar please CLICK HERE

For English seminar please CLICK HERE


And check the Information Seminar Presentation.  



  • While applying, you must be a full time registered student at one of the degree programs Associate, Undergraduate, Masters/PhD) in Yeditepe University. 
  • Minimum CGPA criteria; 
    • For Associate/Undergraduate students minimum CGPA of 2.20/4.00
    • For graduate and PhD students minimum CGPA of 2.50/4.00
  • Minimum score to be obtained from the exam must be 60/100. Applications of candidates with scores below will not be accepted.
  • Within the same education level (undergraduate, graduate, PhD) the duration of mobility can be minimum 2 months (60 internship days), maximum 12 months in total (with or without grant). 
  • Double Major students can only apply for one of their majors for this academic year’s call.
  • Preparatory School students and Graduate students cannot apply for the program.  
  • Graduated students cannot apply. In order to participate as a grad student, you must be applying before you graduate. Grad students must complete their internship within 12 months after their graduation date. e.g.: If a student has graduated on 16th of May, 2021, the student must have completed her/his internship mobility by 16th of May, 2022. 


Students who meet the above requirements are ranked according to the Erasmus+ Score from higher to lower mark.


IMPORTANT: Students will be contacted via their  e-mail regardless given e-mail addresses in Erasmus application. Students are obliged to check their student e-mail address.


1st Step: Online Application 

Application Link:

All applications have to be made online. 

  • Application dates: January 25, 2021 – February 12th, 2021 . Online system will be available only during the application period. 
  • Please check How to Apply page before applying the system:
  • In order to log-in to the online system, you have to use your OBS System username and password. 
  • Students who will apply for the first time have to click “Exchange Programs Pre-Application Link” and fill in the pre-registration fields. 
  • Students who already have a profile/application on the system from previous year, can directly login to the system. 
  • In order for the application to be validated, it has to be terminated by clicking the “Finish application process” button. Applications which are not finalized will be considered invalid.
  • List of students who completed their application thoroughly, should bring the required documents before the announced deadline. 
  • Students whose applications are not accepted due to any reason will be further informed via e-mail.
  • Please consult your Erasmus Department Coordinators if you would like to do your compulsory internship within Erasmus+ Internship Mobility
  • After submitting the application, internship places cannot be changed unless there is a force majeure.


2nd Step: After Online Application 

In order to complete your application, you should upload the documents mentioned below to the KION system after completing your online application, no later than 12th February 2021, 16:00. Otherwise, the application will not be valid. 

  • Original, signed and stamped transcript of records which will be obtained from Student Affairs.  
  • Official transcript (Original, signed and stamped) of the previous higher education level for graduate and PhD students applying at their first semester and whose Yeditepe transcript and CGPA had not yet been established. 

IMPORTANT : Students must NOT bring the print out application forms to the Erasmus Office. All documents must be uploaded to the KION System. 



  • Minimum score to be obtained from the exam must be minimum 60/100. Applications of candidates with scores below will not be accepted. 
  • Erasmus+ Language Score obtained last two years, which must be minimum 60/100,  will be accepted.  
  • If students want to use the Erasmus+ Language Score of 2 years, they will be able to indicate it in the application, and they do not need to submit a language certificate.
  • Higher language exam score will be taken into account for grant allocation.
  • To be able to participate the exams, students have to choose the related exam session(s) on KION - online application system (for detailed information please check “How to Apply” web page) ,

The exams will be face-to face. Exam places will be e-mailed to the successfully applied students’ e-mail addresses.  


If the medium of instruction is only 1 language; that language’s exam score will be taken into account for placement..Students should take the exam of the language that is required by the partner university as medium of instruction. 

  • For example: 

          If the medium of instruction is English in partner university; only English exam score will be taken into account for placement.

          If the  medium of instruction is German; only German language exam score will be taken into account for placement. 

          If there is more than one language as a medium of instruction, students may participate in related exam sessions. 

  • For example: 

         If the medium of instruction is stated as English or French, students may participate in both exams. Higher language exam score will be taken into account for placement.



Erasmus+ Score is being calculated by taking 50% of the students’ recent GPA (General Academic Grade Average) and 50% of the Erasmus+ Language Proficiency Score.

All placed students will be ranked from highest to lowest Erasmus score for grant allocation. 

When calculating Erasmus Score, the following points will be taken into consideration;

GRANT ALLOCATION  (Read Carefully) 


  • Students will be ranked in a descending order according to their Erasmus score. Grants will then be distributed to students according to the overall ranking. 
  • If allocated grant is not sufficient for all selected students; students can be granted partially. 
  • Grant is not guaranteed. Finding an internship place does not guarantee receiving grant. 
  • Grants may not be allocated to each student.  
  • Request for extension of internship period abroad will be evaluated later. Students are allowed to undertake Erasmus activity or extend the mobility period by their own financial means.
  • Grant payments shall be made in 2 instalments. 
  • First payment is 80% of the total Erasmus+ grant. 
  • The total amount of the grant is calculated and 80% of the total grant will be paid to the student in the first instalment. In order to do the payment, students must have complete all the requirements before the deadline announced by Erasmus+ Office. 
  • Payment of the second installment is made after the mobility, if the student delivers the necessary documents to the Erasmus Office and completes all the procedures.
  • If the mobility period is less than the minimum period (2 months (60 days)), the activity is considered invalid and no grant payment is made. The grant which has already been paid, may be asked for refund. These students cannot benefit from Erasmus mobility again within the same level of study.
  • In case the student does not take the OLS language assessment, which is mandatory for all participants of Erasmus+ mobility activities, a 5% cut will be imposed on grant allocated for total mobility period.
  • In case the student does not fill out the EU Survey Participant Report, a 5% cut will be imposed on grant allocated for total mobility period.
  • In case it is reported that the students’ travel to another country (outside the Programme Country where your Partner University is located) for more than 7 days, your grant will be cut in accordance with the total days you spent in Non-EU Programme Country/Countries. 
  • Erasmus Office may ask students to provide a copy of his/her passport for the determination of the period spent abroad if deemed necessary. • Students can, if they wish, renounce the financial support.
  • The exact period of Erasmus activity is calculated based on the start/end dates specified in the certificate of participation. 
  • According to ‘’General Proposal Call’’ declared by the European Commission, Erasmus+ student mobility should last for at least 2 months. This minimum duration cannot be lessened apart from the majeure causes mentioned afore. If the duration of the mobility is below the minimum time, the grant will not be paid for that mobility. 
  • For students who end their mobility period before planned due to force majeure causes will be granted only for days rested at the foreign country. If the student is granted before mobility for more than actualized dates, the extra amount will be asked for refunding from the student. 

* Majeure cause, stands for a situation or event that prevents one of the parts in a contract to fulfil its contractual obligation, not caused by fault or omission of the parts, subcontracts, affiliates or 3rd parts involved in the application, but occurs inevitably and unpredictably outside of the parts’ control, despite all the care and attention. A service not provided, defects in equipments or utensils or their delay in being prepared, cannot be declared as a majeure cause if not directly caused by a force majeure, labor dispute, strike or financial issues. 

  • In addition to the main Erasmus+ grant, up to 100% extra Erasmus+ funding is available for students with disabilities/special needs and accompanying persons. 
  • In addition to monthly grant rates, extra 100 € will be provided to students with financial needs. 
  • In accordance with Article 2 of Act No. 3294 on Social Assistance and Solidarity Fund of May 29th, 1989; students who receive pension or students whose parents receive pension are entitled to the abovementioned extra amount of grant. In order for a student to receive additional grant, s/he should apply to Erasmus Office before signing a Grant Agreement and present a documentation issued by the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services proving that s/he receives student welfare pension in accordance with the abovementioned Act. 
  • Scholarship of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution Dormitories Directorate and similar scholarships are not accepted within the scope of this financial aid.



 According to the FAQ on ERASMUS + HIGHER EDUCATION KA103 STUDENT / STAFF MOBILITY ACTIVITIES DUE TO COVID19 published by the National Agency, the issues regarding online mobility are as follows: 

The online participation of student / staff mobility, continuing online according to the course of the global pandemic and completing it online have been deemed appropriate by the EU Commission within the scope of COVID-19 measures. 

 The grant for these possibilities will be as follows:

  1. If the mobility started online and completed online: no individual support grant will be awarded. However, non-refundable expenses (travel, dormitory / rent, visa insurance, etc.) made by the participant with the thought that the mobility will be physically completed are covered. (The possibility of physical participation of the mobility must be confirmed by the partner university before spending) 
  2. The mobility starts physically and is completed physically: the usual individual support grant is awarded. 
  3. If the mobility started online in the home country and completed physically: no individual support is received during the online mobility in the home country, but the usual individual support grant for physical mobility. 
  4. The mobility can be started physically and completed online depending on the course of the pandemic. Grants are awarded according to the following rules; 
  1. If the participant completes his / her activities by continuing the online education of the institution he / she is visiting without returning from abroad, the entire duration of the activity abroad is granted. The travel, visa, accommodation, etc. additional expenses will not be paid. 
  2. If the participant returns home and completes the online training offered by the institution abroad; The grant calculated according to the total activity period consisting of physical and online education is paid in the amount specified in the contract. In addition, additional travel expenses, which are stated above and cannot be recovered or arising from cancellation, can be paid within the framework of the grant opportunities of the higher education institution. 
  3. If the duration of the activity lasts longer than the period stipulated in the contract, it is possible to provide grants according to the actual duration, if the university's KA103 budget allows. In addition, additional travel expenses mentioned above, which cannot be recovered or arising from cancellation, can be paid within the framework of the grant opportunities of the higher education institution. 
  1. Lessons are taken virtually in the host country: the usual individual support grant is awarded.



Erasmus Application Procedure as follows: 

  1. Online Application
  2. Submission of Application Documents 
  3. Participating in Erasmus Language Exam(s) (Important: Students who stated that s/he will participate in the language exam(s) on online application form can participate in the exams).
  4. Announcement of the Erasmus Language Exam Results administered by School of Foreign Languages. 
  5. Announcement of Erasmus Placement: 

If you are eligible to participate in the mobility, you will be notified via your emails in order to submit your Internship Documents.

Only the applicants whose application is valid and language exam score is minimum 60 or above, must submit an acceptance letter and Traineeship agreement.

You must be submitting the mentioned documents until March 21, 2021. Students who cannot provide acceptance and agreement until the given deadline, will not be able to participate to the program.

Internship Documents are; 

  1. Acceptance Letter  (May 31, 2022 is the end of the project, the internship must be finished until May, 2022) 
  2. Learning Agreement for Traineeship Document 

          (You may find information about how to fill these documents are mentioned in the information seminars videos/presentations linked above. )

  1. Announcement Erasmus Grants: Following the announcement of the grant amounts allocated to universities by the National Agency, and the approval of intra-institutional budgeting, further details on grants are released. 


While any procedure regarding going abroad, finding accommodation abroad, passport and visa procedures are principally student’s responsibility.

 It is students own responsibility to apply for a passport and visa, find accommodation place in abroad etc.  

Good luck !

Erasmus Office


Application Project No: 2019-1-TR01-KA103-062894