About Us

Yeditepe University

Having been founded in 1996 by Istanbul Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi (ISTEK – Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation) Yeditepe University, in line with Ataturk’s principles with its pioneering and distinguished academic and administrative staff, aims to raise young people that are modern, inquisitive, equipped with all the qualifications that are needed in business world and all the technological skills necessary, well-versed in different cultures and personally well developed. With its contemporary academic programs and applications, our University offers an education that is necessary for people of the age of information.

"Yeditepe Universitesi"





There are:
  • 2 Schools and 1 Vocational School Entailing
  • 77 Undergraduate and 4 Associate Degree Programs.
  • 83 Master’s Degree Programs
  • 43 Doctoral Degree Programs

within the body of graduate schools of Ataturk’s Principles and Revolution History, Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Natural Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences. Yeditepe University, of which medium of instruction is English, prepares the youth from all over Turkey for their future in 26 Ağustos Campus since the day it was founded.