Erasmus Incoming Students Study

  • In order to study at our university as an exchange student, you must be nominated by the Partner University of Yeditepe.
  • After the nomination is made, Students apply through the KION system. ( (Please click for explanatory video)
  • Nominated students upload the Learning Agreement to the system by getting the signature of the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator of Yeditepe University.

                     (Click for the list of Erasmus Departmental Coordinators)

  • The Office processes all the applications, which are completed with the announced format and the conditions. Then the Office sends the acceptance letters to the relevant students.
  • Students who have submitted their applications on time and requested accommodation in the University Dormitories in their application forms are prioritized in the allocation of dormitory rooms.
  • If there are no available rooms in the dormitories, priority will be given to students who applied earlier. (First come first serve)
  • For students who apply after the application deadline, it will be possible to allocate a room according to the availability of the dormitories.

Contact person for dormitories: Kansu GEMİCİ (

  • For incoming students, the Office prepares an Orientation Program with the support of the Erasmus Student Club (ESN Yeditepe). In the orientation program, the students are informed about the relevant units, institutions, and organizations for in-house and other processes.

                        Click here for the 2022 Spring semester presentation sample made by the office.

                        Click here for the Handbook prepared for incoming students.

  • Erasmus Departmental Coordinators conduct the academic advisory of the students during the exchange periods.
  • Although it is necessary for students to choose courses from the department they are nominated for, they can also take courses from different departments with the approval of the sending and the receiving institution. They are required to take at least 50% of the total credit from the department, which they are nominated for. (Please view the course list.)
  • The office regularly informs students about all processes via e-mail during the exchange periods.
  • Students are required to fill out their arrival forms regarding their arrival in Turkey and Yeditepe University and then students need to send the forms to e-mail address.

                      (Click for the Arrival Form)

  • The Office makes the necessary directions for students to perform the checkout process from Information Center, Dormitories; İSTEK AŞ etc.
  • Students who complete the departure procedures by completing the signatures on the "Departure Form", the transcript of records and the certificate of participation will be provided.

                       (Click for the Departure Form)